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Free Motherland Party leads in Nagorno-Karabakh election

May 24 2010, 19:21

Karabakh central electoral commission (CEC) has published the results of the parliamentary election held on 23 May. They show that Free Fatherland party received the 41 percent of the votes (29252 voters).

The second comes Artsakh Democratic Party with 28.6 percent of the votes (18017 voters).  Armenian Revolutionary Party Dashnaktsutyun received 20.2 percent of the votes (12728 voters), and the Communist Party received 4.8 percent of the votes (3054 voters).

The electors also voted by the majority rules. The result is as follows: 6 representatives of the Free Motherland Party, one representative of the Democratic Party,  Parliament speaker of the fourth convocation Ashot Ghulian and two representatives of Dashnaktsutyun) will enter the legislature. The other member-elects are non-partisan.

Karabakh CEC also noted that no complaints from Communists hade been reported yet.

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Author: Alvard Grigoryan; Source: CK correspondent

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