14 October 2010, 20:00

Investigation of the case of "black transplantation" started in Azerbaijan

Ministry of Interior affairs and Prosecutor General's Office of Azerbaijan have started an investigation in connection with the reports available on "black transplantation" of human organs.

The request for a joint investigation of this case came to Azerbaijan from the Ministry of Interior affairs of Ukraine.

The bodies of interior affairs of Ukraine stated in their comments for Azerbaijani mass-media that they had an information at their disposal connected with "black transplantation" of human organs, IA APA reports.

Criminal proceedings have been started in Carpatho-Ukraine for suspicion of human traffic for exploitation purposes, human organs commerce among them. In September Alexander Medved'ko, Prosecutor General of Ukraine, reported an establishment of a group of persons including a citizen of Israel and two citizens of Ukraine searching donors for kidney transplantation.

"We are aware of the facts of 39 transplantation operations, not only in our country but in Azerbaijan and even Ecuador, too. This data is currently undergoing militia inspection in the process of investigation", Internet media Izrus.co.il quotes the Ukrainian Prosecutor's statement.

Ukraine and Azerbaijan have come to an agreement of investigating the case in collaboration, 1news.az reports.

"We are ready to render assistance to our Ukrainian colleagues within the framework of a bilateral agreement of legal aid for investigation of these facts", "Trend" quotes Zakir Garalov, Prosecutor General of Azerbaijan.

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