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"Black hawks" in Kabardino-Balkaria go on threatening gunmen and their accomplices with punishment

Mar 08 2011, 20:00

A group in Kabardino-Balkaria calling itself "Black hawks" and positioning itself as an anti-Wahabiite one gave a warning to Asker Japuev, emir of Kabardino-Balkar gunmen, concerning possible actions of armed underground against the residents of the republic. "Black hawks" state that they have already exposed the gunmen's accomplices and threaten with punishment to those who extort money from entrepreneurs.

"If your forest gangsters take any active steps against the residents of Kabardino-Balkaria "Black hawks" will start punitive operations against any of the clan of your gunmen", a letter received by a number of the republican mass media today runs.

They declare in this statement that the "Black hawks" have already exposed the gunmen's accomplices. They add that the organization has enough informers to discover and follow those involved in paramilitary groups. "Each of them shall be punished", the statement runs.

They also say in their statement that the "Black hawks" will punish anyone for extortion of money from entrepreneurs and other residents of KBR for the gunmen's criminal activities, "Interfax reports.

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