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16 people became victims of armed confrontation in Northern Caucasus during the period from April, 23, to April, 29

At least 16 persons became victims of armed confrontation in Northern Caucasus during the period from April, 23, to April, 29. 14 out them perished and two got wounded. These are the totals of calculation by the "Caucasian Knot" based on its own materials and information from other open sources.

There were four officers of power-wielding structures among those lost: two of them in Chechnya and two in Ingushetia. 10 supposed gunmen were killed: eight in Dagestan and two in Chechnya. Two members of law enforcement bodies got wounded: one in Dagestan and one in Ingushetia.

It should be taken into consideration that the above mentioned statistics cannot be one hundred percent precise concerning all the specified categories. News reports do not cover all the data. It is not always possible to verify how much veridical the statements of law enforcement bodies are.

Armed confrontations

On April, 23, servicemen of Inner Troops of the Ministry of Interior Affairs of Russia underwent firing during combing the area of Karabudakhkent district of Dagestan. The incident happened near the settlement of Kakakhami. Four persons were killed in the skirmish, part of the bodies were identified. Later one more man was killed while trying to put up resistance. There are no losses among law enforcement personnel. Members of power ministries stated that all those killed were participants of Gubden subversive terrorist group.

On April, 24, members of power ministries of Dagestan killed three supposed gunmen during a skirmish in Khasavyurt. There are no victims among law enforcement personnel. Identity of the killed men was established, among them leader of Khasavyurt gunmen's group Yusup Magomedov who was in federal search, Bulat Akavov and Abdulgamid Abdulgamidov.

An armed confrontation in Gudermes district of Chechnya in which two police officers and two gunmen perished took place on April, 22, during raid operations in the suburbs of the settlement of Gerzel. Local residents Ahmed Bentaev and Bislan Alkhazov who were in federal search were killed. Lieutenant-colonel Aslan Djamaldaev, Chief of Criminal Investigation Department of district Department of Interior Affairs of Gudermes district, and Ahmad Adalaev, Commander of a company of a patrol guard service battalion, were killed in the battle.

Explosions and acts of terror

On April, 24, an explosion took place in the suburbs of the settlement of Sagopshi, Malgobek district of Ingushetia. There are no victims among the personnel of patrol guard service (PGS) who were on duty on the site. A PGS car was injured as a result of the explosion.

A powerful explosion happened on April, 28, in Malgobek, near a confectioner's shop at the filling station. Two policemen died and one was taken to the municipal hospital in a very grave state. According to more precise data, Mikhail Tsokiev, Head of district inspector's service, and Adam Kartoev, officer of State Traffic Safety Inspectorate, perished as a result of blasting of the car in the filling station.

On April, 28, a policeman got contused in Dagestan while defusing a grenade. The incident took place in Kazbek district.


On April, 23, the personnel of power-wielding structures of Chechnya detained a local resident aged 19 suspected of complicity in the activities of armed underground in Shali district of the republic.

Members of power ministries in Dagestan detained Kamil Magomedov, ex-employee of "Free Republic" newspaper, suspected of organizing a paramilitary group and extortion of big sums of money from businessmen under a treat of murder.

An internal security unit of the Ministry of Interior Affairs in Kabardino-Balkaria detained a policeman suspected of illegal ammunition and explosives traffic.

On April, 29, officers of law enforcement bodies detained two women in "Chermen" Road Patrol Service post in whose car a home-made explosive device was found.


On April, 20, unidentified masked people in Makhachkala kidnapped local resident Zalbek Magomed-Kamilivich Paizulaev born in 1967. This was reported on April, 24, by his cousin Ramzan Omarov who appealed to human rights activists for help in establishing his relative's location.

On April, 25, armed and masked people wearing camouflage uniforms who introduced themselves as officers of Department of Interior Affairs of Magaramkent district carried away resident of the settlement of Kiuchiur, Kurakh district, Ramazan Saidhanov. The kidnapped man's location is unknown at the moment. This was reported by his brother Abdulhamid Saidhanov.

Relatives of resident of Dagestan Timur Danilin who disappeared on Mach, 25, report inaction of law enforcement bodies. They think that Danilin may be kept in the police department of Novolaksky district.

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