04 May 2012, 23:00

Trial on cancellation of election of Astrakhan Mayor listens to 16 witnesses

The court session in Astrakhan on the lawsuit initiated by Oleg Shein, an ex-candidate for the Mayor of the city and organizer of a hunger strike for cancellation of the election outcome, has interrogated 16 witnesses of the claimant.

Prior to filing a lawsuit, Oleg Shein's team had stated that they expected confirmation of violations from at least 120 out of 202 polling stations.

The court still has to listen to 19 more witnesses from the Kirov District. Besides, 45 witnesses have been applied by the defendant – the City Election Commission (CEC).

Mr Shein said that he was satisfied with the dynamics of the court hearings, where the lawsuit is considered by the Kirov District Court of the city of Astrakhan. "I think that at this rate of the court's work, by the end of the next week we can start watching videos from polling stations, the "Interfax" quotes Oleg Shein as saying.

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  • Ex-deputy head of Cherkessk OVD complains to ICRF about investigators

    Ruslan Rakhaev, a former deputy head of the OVD (Interior Division) of the city of Cherkessk, has sent applications to the Investigating Department calling to bring investigators to criminal responsibility. Rakhaev accuses investigators of deliberate concealing the traces of the crime, falsification of proofs, deliberate destruction of exhibits, and other violations of the law.

July 20, 2014 05:49

  • RWB condemns extension of Mirkadirov's arrest

    The "Reporters without Borders" (RWB) has expressed its outrage about the extension of the pre-trial arrest of journalist Rauf Mirkadirov. "By keeping Mirkadirov in custody, the politicized judicial system demonstrates that it was ordered to pursue the journalist," says Johann Beer, the RWB's head for Eastern Europe and Central Asia.

July 19, 2014 13:35

July 19, 2014 16:47

  • Sappers neutralize IED in Ingushetia

    On Saturday, July 19, an improvised explosive device (IED) was found in central Karabulak; it was neutralized by sappers. Prior doing it, they evacuated residents of neighbouring houses, the Ingush MIA reports.

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