07 May 2012, 08:00

The United States Department of State called for the Russian Federation to investigate the murder of founder of “Chernovik” newspaper Hajimurad Kamalov

Russia must stop arbitrariness against journalists and investigate the murder of founder of “Chernovik” newspaper Hajimurad Kamalov committed in Dagestan, Mark Toner, official representative of the United States Department of State, declared at a press conference in Washington timed to World Press Freedom Day.

Kamalov was killed at about 23:30 Moscow time, December, 15, 2011, in Magomed Gajiev street of Markachkala, not far from the office of “Chernovik”. The criminals made 14 shots at the journalist. The wounded Kamalov was taken to the republican first-aid center but died on the way. The investigation associates the murder with Kamalov’s professional activities.

The “Caucasian Knot” correspondent reports that on May, 3, official representative of the Department of State Mark Toner reminded that founder of “Chernovik” Hajimurad Kamalov had carried out inquiries on corruption in power-wielding structures, criticized their illegal practice of kidnapping, torture and extrajudicial execution. He also emphasized that Kamalov was killed in a demonstrative manner: a masked man shot 14 bullets at him.

Mark Toner called for the Russian authorities to stop arbitrariness against representatives of mass media which in his opinion might be done only after investigating the murder of Hajimurad Kamalov and other Russian journalists and punishing the criminals.

The same day, May, 3, Administration of President of the USA Barack Obama spread his appeal to the governments of a number of counties demanding to “stop practice of impunity for violence against journalists and create all the conditions for independent journalism”.

“When journalists undergo assault, imprisonment or kidnapping people start practice of self-censure, fear replaces the truth and the whole community is harmed, as a result”, Obama’s statement runs.

The calls of the US Administration were pronounced during the actions devoted to World Press Freedom Day held in the capital of Tunisia from May, 3, till May, 5, under the slogan “New voices: media freedom that helps change societies”.

The traditional place where this annual action under the aegis of UNESCO is held is Geneva, however this year the organizers decided to transfer it to the land of Tunisia which gave a start to revolutions and people’s uprisings in other countries of the Arab world.

Source: CK correspondent

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