29 April 2008, 11:11

Chechen MIA: Yamadaevs' involvement in kidnapping and murder confirmed by "Vostok" battalion

The Chechen Ministry of Internal Affairs asserts that Yamadaev brothers' participation in kidnapping and subsequent murdering Yusup and Yunus Arsamakovs has been evidenced by a former fighter of the "Vostok" (East) special battalion.

It became known today that Badruddi, younger brother of Sulim Yamadaev, commander of the "Vostok", has been announced into federal search on the kidnapping case.

A source in the Republic's law enforcement asserts that the investigation has serious grounds to suspect the Yamadaevs, and Badruddi personally, of kidnapping and murdering the Arsamakov brothers.

According to the militia source, a former fighter of the "Vostok" battalion has reported about the involvement of the Yamadaevs in kidnapping and subsequent murdering Yusup, 59, and Yunus, 56, Arsamakovs. The fighter told that the Arsamakov brothers were seized in the Shatoy District. Then, they were killed; their bodies were taken to the Vedeno District and burnt there. Burnt human bones were in fact found in the place that the fighter indicated," the source said to the "Caucasian Knot" correspondent.

The criminal case opened on Arsamakovs' kidnapping in February 2007 was suspended last August.

Author: Muslim Ibragimov, CK correspondent;

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