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January 28, 2015 20:57

  • Magomed Gadjiev sees charges in Dagestan

    The charges of making and storing firearms has been presented to Magomed Gadjiev, a resident of the Dagestani village of Novokuli, who had been earlier checked for involvement in the murder of the football player of "Anji-2" club Gasan Magomedov.

January 28, 2015 16:08

January 27, 2015 13:59

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January 25, 2015 14:42

  • Police release natives of Dagestan detainees at Vnukovo

    The natives of Dagestan Shuaib Shuaibov and Isa Abdusamadov, who were detained at Vnukovo Airport have been released from the police after a check, said Aisha Selimkhanova, an activist of the Dagestani Regional Public Organization (DRPO) "Pravozaschita" (Advocacy).

January 25, 2015 01:22

  • Two natives of Dagestan detained in Moscow on return from Egypt

    The natives of Dagestan Shuaib Shuaibov and Isa Abdusamadov were detained on their arrival from Egypt to Moscow and then sent to Makhachkala, said the wife of Shuaibov. According to her story, Shuaibov and Abdusamadov were questioned on suspicion of the men's participation in the hostilities in Syria. However, the local MIA did not confirm this information.

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