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February 04, 2016 19:54

  • CTO regime lifted in three districts of Dagestan

    Today, the operative headquarters in Dagestan has taken a decision to lift the counterterrorist operation (CTO) regime introduced on January 30 in the territory of the Buynaksk, Karabudakhkent and Kumtorkalin Districts.

February 04, 2016 18:03

February 04, 2016 15:51

  • Nalchik: Inna Blenaova's case sent to court

    Inna Blenaova, a resident of Nalchik, is accused of aiding Robert Zankishiev, the leader of the local branch of the "Islamic State" (IS), who was killed in a special operation on November 10, 2015. Her case was sent to the court for trial, said the Investigating Department for the Kabardino-Balkarian Republic.

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February 04, 2016 01:35

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Travel to and from the Islamic State

Travel to and from the Islamic State

«History of Ignorant Travel» is a diary that was kept by a person, who had once decided to fight for the «Islamic State» (IS was recognized as a terrorist organization and banned in Russia) and who was personally convinced of falsity and perversity of many of IS' followers. The diary, telling about the author's unfortunate experience of taking part in the erection of Caliphate in Syria (until May 2015), about his custody in jail awaiting execution, about torture, and about a completely unexpected escape, is written in poor Russian; and its publication in the unedited form is impossible. Excerpts from the diary are presented in the below text of the interview. The interview was recorded in a number of phased and took a long time. The «Caucasian Knot» emphasizes that this publication is not aimed at any propaganda or counter-propaganda; its main idea is to present some little-known information about the organization banned in Russia and the evidence of the person, whose vision was undergoing significant changes Read...

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